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Haseena asked 3 years ago

My husband passed away 3 years ago. I have three daughters I havent done anything about the properties till now since I wasn’t sure on the sharia rulings on property of the deceased. My husband had bought these properties with his own income and wasn’t inherited. Could you explain to me the rulings on the property. It should also be noted that my husband’s parents are also no more .

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Muslimpersonallaw Staff answered 3 years ago

His parents,widow (you) and your daughters are the heirs of his property. Specific shares are provided in Holy Qur-an. You (widow) are entitled to 1/8 share. Daughters are entitled to 2/3 (two third) and his father and mother each have 1/6 (one sixth) share. Your question is not complete. In the absence of father that is if his father was no more at the time of your husbands death,his brothers come in to the place of father. Settle the matter between the heirs giving each the proportionate share. You take 1/8. Daughters equally take 2/3 and give the remaining to other legal heirs. Your case is a peculiar one. In Islam, single daughter inherits only half share and the right of daughters alone is two third. It is the injunction of Holy Qur-an with specific reasoning. To know the reasoning behind these rules you should study the basic principles of Shariat law on succession.